Door Lock Bracket

We produce Inward Door Maglock L Bracket ,Electromagnetic Lock Bracket,U Shaped Bracket,electromagnetic lock manufacturers ,Door Lock Bracket,door lock quotes products, 500,000 aging tests, short delivery cycle, more than 5 years of warranty, looking forward to your inquiry. Bracket is accessory for magnetic lock or electric bolt lock, electromagnetic lock manufacturers to make sure locks can be installated in any kindly doors.door lock quotes Junson's bracket are made in A grade aluminium alloy.Electric Cabinet Lock manufacturers Need to prepare door access control system for office before installation,access control system using rfid first with a screwdriver to open the magnetic lock plate nbreakable locker lock , and then using a wrench open the side plate, in this way, preparation work completed to start the installation, then need to use the mark on the carton in the door installation, using electric drill holes, connect to the work is complicated and very important,U Shaped Bracket first insert the Allen screw in the iron plate, the rubber washer between two pieces of metal washers, and then set, hexagonal screw. Follow the iron plate inserted into the door on the three holes, at the same time the mushroom head from the other side of the door inserted,Inward Door Maglock L Bracket using hexagon wrench will follow the iron plate locked in the door,Electromagnetic Lock Bracket simple and convenient, use to save time


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