Electromagnetic Lock

We produce Electromagnetic Lock products, 500,000 aging tests, short delivery cycle, more than 5 years of warranty, looking forward to your inquiry. (or say electromagnetism lock) design and electromagnet are same,electromagnetic lock manufacturers it is the principle that USES electricity to generate magnetism, Electric Cabinet Lock manufacturers door lock quotes when current passes silicon steel piece, access control system using door access control system for office rfid electromagnetism lock can produce powerful suction force to be sucked tightly.unbreakable locker lock . to absorb iron plate to achieve the effect that locks a door. As long as the small current electromagnetic lock will produce a great magnetic force, the control of the electromagnetic lock power supply access control system identification personnel is correct after the power failure, the electromagnetic lock can be opened without suction. widely used in the important places such as airports,300lbs Magnetic Lock,Electromagnetic Lock subways, banks, Small Cabinet Door prisons, intelligent buildings, intelligent community and so on, and become convenient, fast and intelligent tool for global users


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