RFID Access Control System

We produce Stand Alone Access Control System,Waterproof Keypad Access Control,Door Access Control System,RFID Access Control System,access control system using rfid ,door access control system products, 500,000 aging tests, short delivery cycle, more than 5 years of warranty, looking forward to your inquiry. Access control system are popular in office building, bank, housing estate. electromagnetic lock manufacturers Junson have many varities access control, Electric Cabinet Lock manufacturers with keypad,door lock quotes without keypad, access control system using rfid standalone or network, unbreakable locker lock plastic housing or metal housing.door access control system for office un waterproof or waterproof.RFID access control system, RFID is an easy to control, simple and practical and especially suitable for automatic control of the flexibility of application technology, identification work without manual intervention, it can support both read-only work mode can support read-write work mode,Waterproof Keypad Access Control and do not need to touch or aim; Can freely work in a variety of harsh environment: short range rf products are not afraid of oil stains, dust pollution and other harsh environment, can replace bar code, for example, used in the factory assembly line to track objects; Long distance radio frequency products are used in traffic, the identification distance can be up to several meters, Stand Alone Access Control System such as automatic charging or identification of vehicle identity


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